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What are we doing here?

This group is designed to create discourse about the Life and Earth sciences through art and text. You can post any type of art so long as it fits into the topics seen in the folders of the gallery. Anything goes for art (Photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, LEGO, etc.) so long as it represents a somewhat accurate organism! You can also post an EDG file, which is basically a profile of an organism, whether species or genus from either past or present, real or speculative. Then, if you writing is good enough I, or one of the other admins will correct any mistakes and post it to our social media outlets for all to see (100% credit is given where 100% credit is due, I might add!). Who knows? maybe your EDG file will be turned into a script for a Youtube video?!

Any more information on the groups topics can be found below!

Thank you for coming to The Expeditioner's Discovery Guild! and I hope we can all get along and become good friends!
Welcome to our Group! Here at the Expeditioner’s Discovery Guild, we look at the living world around us and bring to you our findings and hypothesis for your criticism. This website, although about the life sciences, will strive to cover the sciences of Biology, Botany, Zoology, Geology, Mineralogy, Paleontology, Cryptozoology, Xenobiology, Astrobiology, and Speculative Evolution.

If you are wondering what these sciences are than it is best we explain: Biology is the study of living things and encompasses many different sciences, Botany falls under Biology alongside Zoology with Botany being the study of plant-life and Zoology being the Study of animals. Geology is another large encompassing science that explains the earth and its processes; Paleontology and Mineralogy fall under this category. Paleontology is the study of ancient organisms and Mineralogy is the study of crystals and minerals. These are the known and solid sciences; however, we here at the Guild have an interest in some other, more loose sciences. Cryptozoology is the study for unknown organisms, more commonly known as Cryptids; like Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, and the Chupacabra. Cryptozoology gets a bad reputation due to the large amount of amateur “monster hunter” types that make a name for the science. Astrobiology, Xenobiology, and Speculative Evolution are all fictitious flights-of-fancy and serve only to help people understand the mechanisms of Evolution as well as an entertaining look into what could be. Astrobiology is the search for extraterrestrial life, Xenobiology is the study of extraterrestrial organisms and is entirely fiction just like Speculative Evolution, which basically takes an event, or situation in which evolution could occur differently than how it has and then imagine organisms along this separate timeline. This group will focus mainly on the solid sciences and will occasionally delve into these fictitious sciences to prove, disprove, and approve.

Our team here at the Expeditioner’s Discovery Guild will continue to bring to you only the most accurate and scientifically acceptable information and speculations that can be created. Over the timespan of this project you will learn through videos, presentations, talk-seminars, and info videos about the earth, its composition, the life that lived and still lives on it and speculations on the future of Earth and other life carrying bodies in the universe. As of now our crew consists of Destin Bogart, Brandon Ahrens, Sergio Treviso, and David lichliter. Together we will bring to you the very latest in scientific literature in as entertaining a light as we are capable of. We would like to have new videos for you every week. Thank you for viewing; The Expeditioner’s Discovery Guild! ​

Zoology: With Zoology, members will learn about the animals that currently inhabit their planet. This covers the entire kingdom of Animalia (instances of Botany may be appropriate). With this field, the Guild will focus on one specific organism or concept that faces the present regarding organisms. After researching the organism, the guild will create a presentation, paper, or short film regarding what was learned (skills regarding the creation of these culminations of knowledge are not required). These end results may be presented to the school (if given permission) or be shown in film festivals (if attributable).

Paleontology & Geology: This field regards all life and environments of the past. This field regards evolution of life forms into what we see now, the life and habits of organisms that used to exist, and the geologic processes that brought our planet to where it is now. If you have an interest in this science but are apprehensive due to conflicting beliefs, work with your discretion. In this section, students may identify a fossil, search for fossils in the environment, or study a fossil. Paleontology will regard a fossils organism, environment, or concept and will culminate in a presentation, short film lecture, or paper.

Cryptozoology & Other Speculative Fields: Cryptozoology is either the closet a field of science comes to a pseudoscience or a pseudoscience to an actual science. This is due to the fact that numerous “amateur” Cryptozoologists hunt for organisms whose existence is based solely on anecdotal and eyewitness evidence. However, these are not the only people that study under the science. The reason that this science is commonly seen as a pseudoscience not to be taken seriously is the tarnishing of its reputation by the amateurs and unknowledgeable “hunters” with which the public is well aware of. The real scientists that study Cryptozoology accept that the majority of the organisms dubbed Cryptids are hoaxes, misidentifications, or semi-extinct stragglers. This is not to say that Cryptozoology cannot be taken seriously to try and prove or disprove the existence of certain organisms for which hard evidence does not yet exist. Under this field and other similar fields like, Xenobiology (Speculative alien biology) and Speculative Evolution (Speculative biology and evolution of future inhabitants of the Earth), a person will learn and study the testimonies and circumstances surrounding a specific organism which will result in a presentation, paper, or short film trying to prove or disprove of the organism in question or offer up a different/new insight into what it is that eyewitness might be seeing. But with the speculative sciences, the student might make up the circumstance of a future event (i.e. fall of humanity leaving a new niche to fill, environmental disaster resulting in creation of new species, etc.) and then, using the laws of evolution and geology/geography develop an ecosystem, or group of organisms that evolve in the aftermath of the event. This will also culminate in a presentation, paper, or short film/lecture.

Sponsors & Misc: As of now, the sole sponsor of the Expeditioner’s Discovery Guild is the IB English teacher, Ms. Woelfel. More sponsors are being considered. As of now, there is one scientist that is being contacted about making appearances to talk with the students about a field. Mr. Steven Veatch, a distinguished Paleontologist with an MS in geoscience, will be making occasional trips to talk with students.
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